AFB Translations

Interpretation Services

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation – Speed, Accuracy, Professionalism.

At AFB Translations, we understand the importance of communication in the dynamic world of business, diplomacy, and education. That’s why we proudly offer you our interpretation services, tailored to a variety of needs and events. We provide two main types of interpretations: consecutive and simultaneous, in many languages including English and German.

Consecutive Interpretation: Our consecutive interpretation services are an ideal solution for business meetings, negotiations, lectures, and any events where precision and understanding are key. The interpreter translates the speech in segments, ensuring smooth and accurate communication. Our team of interpreters is highly mobile, enabling us to quickly respond to your needs, regardless of the event’s location.

Simultaneous Interpretation: For conferences and large events, we offer simultaneous interpretation. Our team of interpreters works in soundproof booths, translating the speakers’ remarks in real-time. This allows event participants to follow the presentations in their language, significantly enhancing the quality and comfort of the conference.

Specialized Translations

Our office, located in the center of Wrocław, offers a wide range of translation services that meet the highest industry standards. We are experts in crossing language barriers, helping our clients achieve international success.

Our offer includes:

  1. Legal Text Translations: We specialize in translating court documents, contracts, corporate statutes, and other legal texts.
  2. Economic, Banking, and Financial Translations: We offer professional translations of financial reports, economic analyses, banking documentation, and other financial materials.
  3. Insurance Text Translations: We handle translations of insurance policies, insurance terms, and other documents in the insurance industry.
  4. Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations: We provide accurate translations of medical documentation, drug descriptions, clinical studies, and other health-related texts.
  5. Website Translations: We assist in the localization of web content, ensuring that your site appeals to an international audience.
  6. IT Text Translations: We specialize in translating technical documentation, user manuals, and other IT materials.
  7. Commercial Text Translations: We offer translations of commercial offers, trade agreements, product brochures, and other sales materials.
  8. European Union Text Translations: We deal with the translation of documents and materials related to the European Union.
    Technical Text Translations: We offer translations of technical specifications, operating manuals, technical documentation, and other technical materials.

Sworn Translations

AFB Sworn Translations – Professionalism and Legal Validity of Your Documents

We specialize in providing the highest quality sworn translation services. We understand the crucial role that credible and legally recognized translations play in the world of international business, legal procedures, and official formalities. Our sworn translation services are extensive and cover many languages, including Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, English, and German.

Our Sworn Translation Services:

We offer sworn translations of official documents, commercial contracts, certificates, and many other official papers, always with authentication and in accordance with applicable legal standards.

Our team of sworn translators consists of experienced professionals who provide precise and reliable translations in many languages, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We offer fast and secure delivery of sworn translations, either through mail, courier, or personal delivery in the areas of Wrocław and Zielona Góra.

Each sworn translation assignment is treated with the utmost care. We ensure the accuracy of every word, providing the highest quality of translations. Our translations are recognized by offices and institutions worldwide.

We guarantee discretion and protection of the documents entrusted to us.